PINK BUSES: Here we come!

Drivers of a fleet of 120 pink Station Link buses have been training and trialling for weeks to replace trains on the Epping to Chatswood line from this Sunday.

STANDARD LINK fleet of pink buses ready to roll on Sunday, above, and below  “Read it first in The Weekly Times” with (l to r) Station Link Project General Manager Tony Ralph, Transdev Facilities Manager Paul Caprin, Transport for NSW Senior Media Officer Tippy Kavalee, Transdev Communications Manager Theresa Fu and The Weekly Times editor John F Booth AM. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.

Pink Link Station Fleet ready to roll

A fleet of 120 pink Station Link buses are ready to roll out on Sunday to replace train services between Epping and Chatswood while changes are made for the metro line. 

Drivers have been training for several weeks from the temporary Camellia  depot (pictured) for seven different routes linking station to station.

Staff wearing distinctive pink clothing will be at stations to assist travellers. 

Opal card charges on the buses will be the same as standard train fares. 

The Standard Link pink buses are being operated by a joint venture of  Transdev and Hillsbus.

An aerial shot of the fleet of  Standard Link pink buses was photographed using a drone  operated by Transdev Facilities Manager Paul Caprin (above) TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.