Plea for help with clean-up

Dear Sir,
I have attempted to contact the Ryde Council’s clean-up contractor for several days without success and as a ratepayer in my eighties I seek your help. 

I attach a letter I have sent to Ryde’s new General Manager Mr George Dedes as follows:

For the last two days I have attempted to contact Suez(?) to book a clean-up.

Last Friday I made two phone calls, and in spite being assured my call was very important to them, no one answered for 12 and 10 minutes respectively.

I tried again this morning with the same results.

I then phoned the Council to ask for some help, and spoke to a polite young lady, Emma, who told me there is nothing the Council can do to help; it is a very busy number, I just have to keep phoning and wait.

Clearly we, the ratepayers of Ryde, have a problem here, something you, the General Manager with considerable clout, should easily fix.

It seems to me a simple solution would be for Suez – if they are really so busy or do not have enough staff – to install an answering service where callers can leave a telephone number and can be called back in quieter times.

In the meantime I hope someone there can help me with my immediate problem promptly.

East Ryde Council boundary