Police News: Lighting candle goes horribly wrong

A man’s failed attempt to light a candle started a fire that caused a block of units to be evacuated in Eastwood last Friday night (August 31).

The May Street man accidently started the blaze around 10pm after he attempted to light the candle with a faulty cigarette lighter.

“He was having trouble lighting the candle as the lighter kept going out,” a Ryde Police media release said.

“At this he gave up attempting to light the candle and placed the candle and the lighter down on a small canvass clothes organiser before closing his bedroom door and going into the kitchen to cook some food.”

Police said he could smell something burning a short time later and when then opened his bedroom door, and observed the clothes organiser and surrounding area alight.

When smoke from the bedroom began bellowing out the door and into the unit, the man fed the unit and the smoke alarms sounded

Another of the building’s residents ran to the underground car park and grabbed two fire extinguishers and passed them to the man, who attempted to extinguish the fire to no avail, as the fire had by then engulfed the unit.

Police evacuated all the unit residents and paramedics attended the scene. 

The fire was not considered suspicious and police believe it was caused from the attempted lighting of the candle.

* * *

ALLEGED SHOPLIFTERS were arrested in Ryde and Macquarie Park late last month.

A 49 year old man from Little Bay was charged around 4pm on Friday after it is alleged he was witnessed stealing from a supermarket.

He was apprehended by a security officer who notified the police, who interviewed the man an issued him with a Criminal Infringement Notice for Shoplifting.

In Macquarie Park a 44-year-old local resident was charged with shoplifting from a department store around 5pm on Thursday.

It is alleged the woman attempted to hide the stolen items but was caught doing so on CCTV.

She was stopped by security guards and a police search located the allegedly stolen goods as well as a restricted substance she did not have a prescription for.

Charges were laid for both alleged offences.

* * *

CANNABIS was found inside a car parked at Bennelong Park in Putney on Monday night.

The cannabis was found when police searched the vehicle in response to what they describe as a “strong smell of cannabis” in and around the white holden.

Two men found inside the vehicle were also searched and the cannabis was found in the  foot well of the passenger’s side of the car.

Police checks revealed the car is owned by a 22-year-old Ryde man who was issued with a Cannabis Caution for being in possession of the illegal drug.


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