Police urge action on Hunters Hill sexual assault bus shelter

GLADESVILLE Police have called for the demolition of two bus shelters in Hunters Hill deemed to be a crime risk because of poor visibility.

The bus shelters are outside Fairland Hall in Church Street and Hunters Hill Primary School in Alexandra Street which was the site of a recent sexual assault.

Deputy Mayor Clr Meredith Sheil had called for the demolition of the Alexandra Street shelter shortly after the crime.

The police recommendation is part of a safety audit for Hunters Hill which also found that trees in streets and parks need to be pruned and light globes need to be replaced in Clarke’s Point.

A staff recommendation notes that 20 key locations have been identified by police and that replacement solar lighting will require additional council funding.

* * *

A DESIGN stuff up has rendered a disability ramp unusable by the people it was designed to help.

The ramp on Gladesville Road has been found to be ‘non-compliant’ with users needs because they are unable to press a safety access button.

“The ramp was constructed following extensive consultation with the family of a disabled resident of Gladesville Road and the family were happy with the arrangement,” a Council report notes.

“The difficulty arose with the button and staff are in negotiations with Roads and Maritime Services to seek a solution, which it is hoped will be the installation of a supplementary button.”

* * *

THE SYDNEY Harbour Federation Trust has knocked back Hunters Hill Council’s request to open their land at Clarke’s Point for new car parking spots.

Hunters Hill Council had asked for the land on the northern side of Clarke’s Point for parking and had notified local businesses and residents of their request to ease parking in neighbouring residential streets.

But a memo received from the Federation Trust last week states it’s done enough.

“While the trust is unable to support this current proposal, there have already been a number of significant changes to parking supply and management at Woolwich in recent years that would have improved conditions for local residents,” the memo said.

* * *

EXTENDED paving from Gladesville Road South to Joubert Street is to be investigated by Hunters Hill Council.

A Progress Report submitted to Monday nightÕs Council meeting said the cost of the work will be $25,000 and will involve tree plantings.

It has also been agreed to develop an improvement plan for public land between Joubert Street and Burns Bay Road.