Police warn seniors of local scam

POLICE have warned aged residents of a new scam where criminals pose as Telstra staff.

“The Telstra scam has reappeared,” Ku-ring-gai LAC police said this week.

” The most recent incident occurred in early June with an 87 year old woman losing a total of $10,000 to the scammer by way of I tunes card purchases.

“The vicitm was cold called by a female claiming to be from the Telstra Melbourne office advising the 87 year old woman she had a problem with her internet account and that it could be fixed for a fee.

“The victim was advised to attend a Woolworths store and purchase ten $500 I tunes cards and wait further instructions.

“If the victim was questioned about the amount of I tunes cards being purchased she was instructed to say they are for presents for her grandchildren.

“Not being tech savvy or up to speed with frauds the victim attended Woolworths in Hornsby and purchased $5000 wirth of I tunes cards and was indeed questioned by staff about the purchase and responded as instructed.

“The female scammer called the victim again requesting the code numbers from the cards which she provided.

“She was again told to go to two other Woolworths and do the same which she did.

“Again the female contacted the victim requesting the card information.”

The victim then reported the scam at Hornsby police station.

“Please as a timely reminder Never respond to call calls of this nature, Telstra, the ATO or any other organisation or collection agency will never ask for I tunes cards as payment,” police said.

“Also please talk to any elderly or vulnerable people in your circle of friends or relatives about this scam and scams in general and educated them.

“As we approach the financial year end the scams either by email or phone calls will increase, be aware.”