Lives at risk as electricity and gas bills skyrocket!

Skyrocketing electricity and gas charges are endangering the lives of many thousands of Australians in TWT territory.

Reason for the dramatic power cost hikes is the State and Federal Governments’ insane adherence to the hoax Climate Change/Global Warming ideology and reusable energy targets.

It’s time the people spoke up and called the boneheaded MPs for what they are.

GUTLESS DOPES who will condemn thousands of not so well off pensioners and battlers to death.

The Salvos and Vinnies have confirmed the dire straits of many in their case.

Health authorities say people who cannot afford heating are at greater risk.

We have to face the reality that Australia’s mad adherence to the Paris Accord will not affect the world’s temperature one iota especially as the major emitters China, India and USA are not committed.

It’s a case of all pain for no gain. Wake up Australia!