Probus offers friendship, fun and fellowship in retirement


AT THE Probus Club of Hunters Hill, one of our objectives is to have a high quality, yet varied and interesting selection of monthly guest speakers.

The subjects can vary widely from astronauts to architecture and from international spies to Sydney’s heritage fleet.

Over the next three months, the guest speakers already organised are: November:- Graham Sims speaking on wrestler “Big Chief Little Wolf”.

These are Graham’s personal memories of one of the most popular and endearing wrestlers of all times and his dreaded “Indian death lock”.

This is not a story about wrestling, rather about the man and his remarkable life.

For December, speaker is Graham Wilcox and his subject is “The Struggle for Unity” – the story of the Federation of Australia. Graham tells the story of Sir Arthur Rutledge and his struggle to unite Australia as a nation.

Rutledge, a brilliant lawyer and Queensland Attorney General, was a delegate at the vital 1891 Federation Convention in Sydney and took part in the drafting of the Australian Constitution.

His vision was nothing short of one nation covering the continent.

On January 2 we have Tim Graham, the Sydney Opera House Renewal Co-ordinator, coming along to give a talk and visuals on the major renovations to the Opera House and the vision for the future.

* * *

AS WELL as guest speakers, our club also organises a wide range of interesting activities.

These vary from trips away up to a week, as well as day trips in and around Sydney.

Some of the activities that have been enjoyed by our members were a holiday on Norfolk Island, a trip to Canberra to see art exhibitions and an overnight journey to Forster to enjoy “Opera on the Lake”. Some of our day trips have included a visit to the training of guide dogs for the blind, the Archibald and the Bald Archie’s exhibitions.

Up and coming activities include an extended visit to South Australia staying on Kangaroo Island and exploring the Coorong National Park with a ride on the famous Cockle Train, one the oldest steel railed railway in Australia, which dates back to 1887.

This is amongst many other highlights with guided walks, bird watching and visiting the mouth of the Murray River, just some of the treats in store.

* * *

EARLY NEXT year, a trip to Heron Island to see the hatching of the turtles is now in the planning stage.

In November we will be having a seafood barbecue at Palm Beach. Every year we hold a celebration lunch at Christmas, on our Probus club Birthday and the President’s lunch.

On the last Friday of each month, we hold a CafŽ Club lunch, visiting different local restaurants.

The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Hunters Hill Club in Madeleine Street Hunters Hill at 9.30am.

Visitors are welcome.

For any further information don’t hesitate to contact myself on 98175434 or Ian Adair on 0407 018 071.

GARTH JUSTER is President of Hunters Hill Probus Club