Put a ban on all new Gladesville high rise, says Ryde councillor

Councillor Roy Maggio is pictured outside Gladesville Fire Station on Thursday, where he wants to see decent facilities for male and female staff. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

MORE HIGH RISE development should be banned in Gladesville, Ryde Councillor Roy Maggio said this week.

Councillor Maggio has called on the Berejiklian Government to slap “an immediate freeze” on all high rise development applications and hold a public meeting to listen to residents’ complaints.

His comments respond to the construction of several new high rise apartment blocks on the Ryde Council side of Victoria Road, Gladesville as well as development proposals on the Hunters Hill side of Victoria Road.

“Enough is enough !” he said.

“I’m demanding a freeze on developments, particularly on Victoria Road because families are sick of seeing their suburb being suffocated by high rise and they are sick of the traffic congestion and they are sick of the never ending building site works.

“They are sick of seeing their homes being sandwiched between Macquarie Park and Victoria Road and I totally agree with the parents who tell me their streets are even now becoming rat runs.

“I also agree hat Pittwater Road is fast becoming a major arterial road connecting two high rise, high density areas and the traffic delays are getting longer and longer.”

He faces a challenge to convince the State Government to agree to a ban on development on Victoria Road, Gladesville, which could be seen as a restrictive trade practice but would require zoning changes.

It would also require Lane Cove MP Anthony Roberts to back track on his commitment to create more homes and could be seen as political interference with the independent planning panel process.

Roy Maggio said it is time Mr Roberts and Ryde MP Victor Dominello put people before profit.

“It is time both of them realised that what is being forced on Gladesville is a disgrace,” he said.

“It is also time this government gave something back to the people of Gladesville, starting with decent facilities at Gladesville Fire Station for male and female firefighters, who have to share the same facilities.

“We also want a new and larger library in Gladesville and decent facilities at our local parks.”

He said “the very least” both MPs should do is to hold a public meeting in Gladesville to listen to community concerns.

“I would also like to  see more people writing letters to The Weekly Times, particularly about the overdevelopment in Gladesville, to help get our message across to the politicians.”