Putney actor juggling some exciting gigs

Debbie Neilson in costume for the recent production of “Titanic”. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.


A 25 year old Putney actor will be juggling her way up Mount Everest next month. Actor Debbie Neilson will be in Nepal for six weeks before her arrival in Europe and a debut season in Russia for the World Cup finals.

She has just starred in a local production of the“Titanic Experience” and directed the play “Santa Photo” which has been shortlisted for an award at the Peoples Choice Festival.

“I’m looking forward to juggling up Mount Everest and although I’ll probably only get about ten meters up the mountain I’ll still claim I climbed it, juggling,” she said.

“When in Nepal I will also be teaching English, juggling, singing and dance and well as putting on a little play with the primary school students over there.”

For Debbie Neilson the Nepal experience is a world away from her recent Edwardian experience.

“Beyond Cinema put on the “Titanic Experience” on Sydney Harbour in January and I was lucky enough to be cast as Rose.

“It was a British production  and there were 800 passengers and everyone was dressed up.”

Now rugged up for a winter in Nepal, she hopes to learn more about the Nepalese way of life.

“I’m particularly looking forward to learning more about Nepalese spirituality because we get so caught up in the materialist world here.

“It is all very well giving money to third world countries but this time I want to give something of myself, from my heart.

“For me, a successful trip will be one where I can make a positive impact through my skills.”

The Putney actor promised to let readers of The Weekly Times know how her trip is going.

“The Weekly Times has been following my acting career for some time now, always doing lovely stories about which play I’m in, so it will be a pleasure to let readers know what I’m doing.”

She is also seeking donations through www.gofundme. com/39r5j5-volunteering-in-nepal