Putney childrens’ garden shows they really care


Toddlers at the Fit Kidz Learning Centre at Putney are growing food for patients at the neighbouring Royal Rehab.

The Fit Kidz pre-school children began gardening last year and are now harvesting vegetables to be given to patients in the Spinal Injury Unit for a healthy lunch and to the Royal Rehab’s kitchen.

The little garden not only shows the toddlers’ care for others, it is also a national role model that has recently received the Australian Child Care Week Award; a National Award for the Fit Kidz Child Education Centre , a Community Champions Award and an award for the Best Child Care Week Activity.

Royal Rehab CEO Stephen Lowndes also praised the Fit Kidz garden.

“This is a wonderful community engagement, between the Fit Kidz pre-school children and the help they are giving our Spinal and Brain injury clients,via their fresh vegetable garden project,” he said.

“Special credit must be given to Miss Gabby and Miss Laura from Fit Kidz who coordinated this garden project, creating a fun filled learning experiences for the children to share.”

The Fit Kidz children last week invited Michelle Jeffrey from the Royal Rehab Spinal Injury Unit to visit them while they were planting seeds for a new radish crop. carrots, corn, pumpkins, celery and capsicum are among the selection of fresh vegetables that they are already growing.

The visit was particularly poignant as Michelle has been in the Spinal Injury Unit at Royal Rehab for nearly five months following an incident when she was dumped by a wave onto a sandbar, while she was volunteering with a Surf Life Saving group.

Royal Rehab has a Training Kitchen where Occupational Therapists work with the clients to prepare meals to demonstrate that they can manage when they get home.

Michelle Jeffrey with Fit Kidz Manager Ashley Bailey surrounded by busy little gardeners.