Queries on painted street markings

Dear Sir,
I have noticed that Ryde Council has recently taken to marking the road adjacent to some driveways with a white box with diagonals joining the corners.

Is this because they think drivers are now too visually impaired to see to notice driveways or too retarded to know not to park across them?

Or are they simply desperate to be seen to be doing something?

It is another wonderful example of the triumph among bureaucrats of ideology over observation.

The only positive thing one could say about these new road markings is that they are not quite as inane as the bicycle stencils on the roads often say just 50 metres apart (Do they also think drivers are suffering from short term memory loss?) Or worse still the ludicrous short green painted bicycle lanes at some intersections.

Don’t get me started on the speed humps everyone swerves around at normal or increased speed.

Virtue signalling without any logic to your actions is merely
signalling your desperation to be seen as politically correct.

Melrose Park