Rangers to patrol Boronia Park school

Rangers will patrol Earl Street and will warn or fine motorists illegally parked across driveways or commit other offences around neighbouring Boronia Park Public School.

The rangers action follows a direction by Hunters Hill councillors passed at last week’s council meeting.

The meeting was addressed by Boronia Park Public School Principal Liz Stamford and was attended by parents concerned about child safety in Earl Street during school drop off and pick up times.

Ms Stamford spoke in favour of a proposal before Hunters Hill Council to remove three Hills Fig Trees from Earl Street to create nine new parking spaces for a drop off zone.

The Council authorised staff to undertake a safety assement report related to the proposal and to authorise the rangers action as an interim safety measure.

Councillors heard the School Council will undertake further community consultation with Earl Street residents and parents and this is expected to hear further concerns about parents illegally parking and “running children across the road” into on coming traffic.

Liz Stamford said the safety problem had increased with increased school enrolments and there is now a record 515 students at the school.

This increase has seen Ms Stamford and her staff surpervise student safety in Earl Street, especially in the afternoon.

“We don’t even have a lollipop person for Earl Street although I’ve applied to the RTA for one,” she said.

“We have to be very careful because we’re not designated traffic control persons but we do our best.

“It is all about safety.”

Ms Stamford acknowledged that Earl Street residents have been very supportive of safety measures.

“I acknowledge the large Fig Tree in Earl Street is a magnificent tree and I truly understand that neighbours are concerned about the removal of these fig trees

“However, the figtree roots have also twisted the path and we’ve had children trip on the roots and this option (to replace the trees with nine parking spots) is the only suitable option.”

A further issue for the school is designated parking for school excursion buses in Earl Street, as bus zones on Pittwater Road adjoining the school are designated for government buses.

Mayor Quinn said he will review legislation currently before NSW Parliament which deals with road safety around schools.