Reconciliation for all Australians

Dear Sir,
As we proceed in our quest for reconciliation with our indigenous community, now is the time to analyse its progress and examine the process.

At what stage are we at with reconciliation? When is it scheduled for completion? What criteria is used to measure its development? Who or what decides if we are succeeding or failing with our goal? The ongoing promotion for the change of date celebrating Australia Day is a perfect case in point.

Where does reconciliation position itself here? Is the date changing push a fair reflection of a majority of the indigenous community? What is the historical relevance for the “smoking”, and “welcome to country” ceremonies? It seems they were initiated and created by various academics and activists.

Clearly there is no precise programme to monitor or analyse these and other indigenous issues by governments or social groups. Reconciliation is a good, necessary and just cause. However, we must be careful not to place the “cart before the horse”, otherwise we are in danger of not properly recognising and educating ourselves with a shared love of ALL our history, and a joint desire to nurture our future relationship.