Regular eye checks a must says Hunters Hill optometrist Jenna

World Glaucoma Week is a reminder for everyone to get their eyes tested.

Optometrist Jenna
Morrow (pictured),
owner of Hunters Hill
Optical, strongly urges
people to have their
eyes tested to make
sure they are not at risk
of this eye disease.
If you have been diagnosed
with glaucoma
you need to inform
your family that they
have an increased risk
(up to 10 times higher
than the general population)
and that their
best protection is to
have a regular and
comprehensive eye
check that includes a
review of their optic
nerves and eye pressure
Due to this heredi-

tary link and since
Jenna’s grandmother
had glaucoma, she
knows first hand the
importance of regular
checks in order to detect
this silent thief of
Glaucoma is an eye
disease that involves
damage to the optic
nerve leading to reduced
visual field and
if not managed, may
lead to blindness.
“Sadly there are people
in Australia right
now that have glaucoma
and don’t even
know they have the
disease”, says Jenna.
It is estimated as
many as 150,000 Australians
are currently
living with the risk of
progressive vision loss
that could easily be
prevented if detected
Glaucoma is often
called the “silent thief
of sight” for good reason.
Many people are
unaware that glaucoma
has few symptoms
or warning signs in its
early stages.
Early treatment for
glaucoma can usually
slow the progression
of the disease.
Progressive glaucoma
will eventually
cause peripheral vision
loss and therefore
anyone noticing slight
loss of side vision
should see their optometrist
There are various
treatments available
with the most common
being the use of
eyedrops to lower the
intraocular pressure
back to normal.