Riverside students give up social media to help farmers

RIVERSIDE GIRLS HIGH students have reached out to help drought stricken farmers with a fundraising initiative that will require students to give up social media next week.

The students yesterday launched the seven day initiative and will be sponsored by the school community for each day they give up online activity from next Monday September 10.

“In this challenge students and their families take a fresh look at their relationship with technology,” parent and event founder Anthea Murray said.

“This event encourages balance and self-regulation around social media usage and empowers young people to use their devices responsibly.

“As a parent of teenagers in today’s digital world I have first hand experience about the negative impact of excessive media use.

“I decided I needed to do something, so I designed this challenge and approached my daughters school. Several of the students wanted to get involved. Some of them stated that they had problems with social media dominating their lives and needed help making a change. I wanted to empower these young women to use their devices responsibly.”

“Students obtain sponsorship for the period of time that they successfully regulate their screen use and adhere to the rules of the challenge with the ultimate goal of seven days free.”

Riverside Girls High school has pioneered several initiatives this year to encourage students to limit their use of social media and spend time supporting the community.

Some of these initiatives have been in partnership with students in regional schools.

“Improved sleep, productivity and learning as well as better present moment awareness and a deepened connection to others,” Anthea said.

“Excessive media use can be limiting and research shows that a lot can be gained from restricting screen use including Improved physical, mental and emotional well-being.

“The funds raised in this challenge goes towards drought relief.”

The City of Ryde recently launched a campaign to raise money to buy bails of hay for drought hit regions and information about this fundraising program can be downloaded from the City of Ryde website.

Anthea will be assisted by teacher and co-ordinator Catherine Rodriguez. Students on the committee are Cara Murray, Portia Amy-Wilson, Lian Parkes, Gia Mehdi, Madi Henman, Ella Foristal, Neda Pourali, Amy Coward, Lara Coward, Angel Zhang, Emily Simmons, Amelia Warren, Tasnia Ahmad, Roxy, Yusnya Amin and Grace Flockton.

For those keen to donate, the ‘Go Fund Me’ page can be reached by CLICKING HERE