Ryde City Council investments in renewables

Dear Sir,
As an historian I am pleased to see that our Liberal Councillors in Ryde have such respect for the nineteenth century, and its technology.

It is however unfortunate that they have not kept up with technological advances in the twenty-first century.

This leaves them at odds with the corporate world, that they claim to represent, which is increasingly moving from support for fossil fuels such as coal, a nineteenth century technology, to support for the rapid advances being made with renewables in this century.

Those Liberal councillors who claim to be only interested in the economics of this issue have failed to tell the public that the original motion passed by Council requires that funds will only be divested from fossil fuels when the return from renewables is the same or better than that from coal.

As a Ryde ratepayer I am happy to have my money invested in renewables rather than facing the much greater risk of it being left in a stranded asset as coal investments will increasingly become.


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