Rat warning over Ryde boarding house

FEARS OF RATS and other vermin have killed off a proposal for a boarding house on Victoria Road in West Ryde.

Liberal councillors used their majority at last Tuesday night’s council meeting to knock back the proposed 12 room boarding house proposal for 1139 Victoria Road West Ryde which had also been opposed to in a petition of 196 local residents.

But it was a fear of rats that caught the public gallery’s interest.

“When you have boarding houses you have problems with garbage – and with rats – and with neighbourhood disputes,” Clr Bill Pickering warned.


A PUBLIC APOLOGY has saved Deputy Mayor Roy Maggio from a censure motion and possibly the sack !

The Deputy Mayor and prominent Liberal made national headlines recently when he wrote that former General Manager Gail Connolly should be a housewife and referred to a female staff member as ‘cuddles’.

A motion introduced by Labor Clr George Simon called on local MPs to censure Clr Maggio and to ‘re-asses his suitability to continue to represent his party’ as a councillor.

“Recent comments in the media by Councillor Maggio demonstrate his lack of remorse for sexist comments .. his is unwilling to accept that his remarks are offensive,” the motion states.

The motion was withdrawn upon the Deputy Mayor’s apology to Ms Connolly or anyone offended by his remarks and he promised not to do it again.

“I have been to counselling” he said.


LIBERAL COUNCILLOR Craig Chung should not be allowed to serve on The City of Sydney Council while still serving on Ryde City Council, last Tuesday night’s Council meeting heard.

Councillor Chung recently confirmed in The Weekly Times he is standing as as Number Two on Sydney’s Liberal Party ticket and Ryde Labor wants Premier Baird to disallow councillors serving on two councils at the same time.

“This is typical of Baird’s shambles on Local Government,” Labor Clr George Simon said.

“I sincerely wish Councillor Chung well at the City City of Sydney and the only thing I implore of you, Councillor Chung is that you take Councillor Pickering with you when you go.”

Councillor Sarkis Yedelian OAM said Councillor Chung should be allowed to serve on Ryde ‘for the short time we have left.’


RYDE CITY COUNCIL may be on the verge of being abolished the Baird Government but that hasn’t stopped councillors putting their hands up to attend what many people see as a taxpayer funded junket.

The Local Government Conference in Wollongong from October 16 to October 18 is regarded as a junket by many residents and as a useful way to address issues of mutual concern by others.

Liberal Councillors Artin Etmekdjian, Bill Pickering, Jane Stott, Roy Maggio and Sarkis Yedelian OAM all expressed interest in attending the conference, alongside a new Ryde Mayor to be elected at the Council Meeting on Tuesday night, September 28.