Ryde Mayor: “I will not allow this cottage to be harmed”

Ryde City Mayor Jerome Laxale is pictured at the Dellina Palm Cottage where, he said, the strongest possible protection is being enforced. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

STRICT heritage protection will be enforced on the historic Dellina Palm Cottage site development in Meadowbank.

City Of Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale told The Weekly Times “the highest protection possible” will be enforced at the site, parts of which are subject to a Land and Environment Court approved development.

Mayor Laxale’s comments follow numerous calls to The Weekly Times about the site being fenced off for construction work and fears the historic cottage – a former Edwardian era hospital – will be bulldozed.

“Now I’ve been notified  I have arranged for rangers to go to this site and for our legal team to let the private certifier know in no uncertain terms that demolition of the cottage is unlawful,” he said.

“The property has been heritage listed by our council and has the highest possible protection under law.”

Mayor Laxale had attempted to heritage list the entire site a few years ago when a development application for a childcare centre was lodged.

“They took us to the Land and Environment Court to challenge our heritage orders  and consent was granted by the Land and Environment Court for adaptive use for childcare,” he said.

“There were, however  conditions granted by the court and I want to assure our ratepayers that demolition of the historic cottage has been opposed and will continue to be opposed.”

Mayor Laxale thanked locals who reported the development to The Weekly Times.

“I strongly encourage everyone to remain vigilant, as our rangers will be and to report any damage to this cottage to me, personally.”