Ryde Mayor launches city wide school safety scheme

STUDENTS at West Ryde Public School have backed Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale’s campaign for school safety.

Mayor Laxale was at the school on Friday where he announced that Ryde City Council will undertake a comprehensive review program to identify changes to traffic, parking and pedestrian activities around all schools in Ryde.

“With kids at school, I understand how much of a priority road safety needs to be around schools,” Mayor Laxale said.

“After hearing feedback directly from parents, it is clear that a more holistic review is needed for local school communities when it comes to traffic flow, parking and pedestrian access to identify issues before they happen.

“This proactive approach gives us an opportunity to plan and budget for solutions that will deliver better outcomes for each individual school and its local community.”

“Importantly, local school parents and residents will be invited to take part in the investigation of each school area.

“Feedback from locals is crucial to finding the best solutions.”

Mayor Laxale said this “holistic” planning also takes into consideration projected school populations and Council initiated road and pedestrian safety infrastructure projects that will deliver practical solutions to an increasingly complex set of traffic issues.

Reviews of the first four of 28 local schools identified in the prioritised schedule of investigations have begun.

“Residents will be invited to take part in information sessions at schools to share their views.”

Mayor Laxale reminded parents and children to hold hands while crossing dangerous roads.

“And never run out onto a busy road,” he said.

Ryde Mayor Jerome Laxale is pictured at West Ryde Public School with students Nicholas, Scarlett, Kendra and Kamile who want to get the school’s safety message across to motorists. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO