Ryde MP secures public assets for suffering Meadowbank residents

Ryde MP Victor Dominello announced the proposal outside the school grounds on Friday, pictured left, with City of Ryde Liberal Councillors Sarkis Yedelian OAM, Trenton Brown and Jordan Lane. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.

TWT EXCLUSIVE by Our Civic Roundsman

Meadowbank Public School will be moved to a brand new ultra modern education centre near Ryde TAFE and the property will be turned into a new open space recreation area and community park. 

Ryde MP Victor Dominello announced the proposal outside the school grounds on Friday, pictured left, with City of Ryde Liberal Councillors Sarkis Yedelian OAM, Trenton Brown and Jordan Lane.

Meadowbank Public School is to be replaced by a stunning new school and the school’s land is to become a public park.

Ryde MP Victor Dominello announced the school’s closure and said the State Government will acquire 3.3 hectares of land from Meadowbank TAFE for a new education precinct with a larger primary school.

“Meadowbank Primary School has a capacity for 500 students and has reached this capacity,” Mr Dominello said.

“The new school, which will be part of an exciting new education precinct, will have the capacity for up to 1,000 primary school students.”

The existing school will remain open until the new school is built in 2021.


Community to have say on design

The Ryde MP said the community will be given a say on the design of the new school and Meadowbank Public School students who live near the existing school will be served by a new school bus route.

“The beauty of the Meadowbank TAFE site is that it is near Meadowbank train station and bus routes as well as being next to the many new developments in Meadowbank,” he said.

“I can assure the community that the current site of the school will be for a much needed park and why I can reassure people it will not be sold off to developers – they can keep their hands off it.”

Mr Dominello said the new school will be located in a new educational precinct on the northern side of the TAFE.

New South Wales Minister for TAFE Adam Marshall said existing TAFE services will stay.

“The proposed education precinct will not have any impact on TAFE staffing and measures will be taken to ensure there will be minimum disruption,” he told The Weekly Times.

“In fact, it will help ensure facilities at Meadowbank TAFE can be modernised and will continue to provide the best services to give local people the skills they need.”

This is where the Federal Government comes in and Bennelong MP John Alexander confirmed a cash injection of $1.5 billion for education.

“We are creating more than 300,000 apprenticeships, nationally and the number of people we’ve moved from welfare to work has been extraordinary,” Mr Dominello said.


Congratulations on a job well done – Ryde MP Victor Dominello congratulates NSW Minister for TAFE Adam Marshall at the site of the new education precinct at Meadowbank TAFE, alongside Bennelong MP John Alexander. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO


City of Ryde Clr Trenton Brown said the opening of the new school proves the State Government is responding to the growth in local development.

“The government has responded to the evidence and is opening new schools in the Ryde electorate and Mr Dominello is commended for this fantastic achievement,” he said.

Councillor Jordan Lane is a former Meadowbank Public School student.

“This is my old school and it is a shame it has taken so long, under previous Labor governments, to get this tremendous new school which is only a few minutes walk away,” he said.