Ryde Podiatry Centre has been successfully treating the feet and lower leg problems of the Ryde and northern districts communities for the past 33 years.

All the accredited podiatrists from the Ryde Podiatry Centre get to utilise the Biomechanics and Gait Laboratory at their state of the art facility at 10 Pope Street Ryde.

The area of biomechanics and orthotics is constantly changing and improving with technology and research and Ryde Podiatry stays at the cutting edge to offer intelligent solutions for everyone.

Whether you are an elite athlete, mums and dads or kids having foot and leg pain or dysfunction, Ryde Podiatry Centre offers the assessment skills and tools to assist you, says principal podiatrist Robert Mair (pictured).

Ryde Podiatry offers modern interventions such as computer video treadmill analysis, force plate pressure testing, three dimensional foot scanning, computer orthotics and Radial shockwave therapy as well as all their normal services for the relief of ingrown toenails, plantar warts, bunions, heel spurs and Diabetes check ups.

At Ryde Podiatry Centre you can see the difference. Phone 9809-4464.