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Mangrove planting by Yaralla Venturers


While others stayed indoors with a good book, the 1st Yaralla Venturers braved the wind and rain recenly to plant mangrove seedlings in Exile Bay.
The environmental project is part of the Queen Scout Award for Sarah Berlecky, Unit Chairperson of the 1st Yaralla Venturer Unit.
When asked about the project, Sarah said:
“Being a Sea Scout Group, we do a lot of activities on the Parramatta River and the mangroves are such an essential part of the Rivers ecosystem.
“It has taken a lot of time and effort to get the necessary approval from the Dept of Primary Industry/Fisheries for the project. Just finding an area that we could collect seeds from, identifying an area that didn’t have any salt marsh or too much wash from Rivercats to plant the seedlings into, was a challenge,” she said.
“Rob Stevenson from Canada Bay Council was a great help in providing information. Over many months we have collected seeds, cultivated the seedlings and finally transplanted them into the mud in an area approved by Fisheries. The next few weeks will tell whether they survive.”
The Yaralla Venturers have also been conducting a sustainability project and giving out reusable grocery bags and chiller bags to try to reduce the amount of plastic bags going to land fill each year.
Should the mangrove planting be successful, they have already contacted Jemena, who are responsible for the Kendall Bay Remediation Program, to see if they can help with replanting mangroves.
PICTURED Megu Fukushima, Sarah Berlecky, Justin Menegoni, Kay Hughson, Giselle Kelly.

Promise Challenge Award for 1st Boronia Park scout


Remi Whalan of 1st Boronia Park Scouts was recently awarded his Promise Challenge – the first badge a Joey Scout completes individually and the highest award they can attain.

Joeys are the youngest section of the Scouting movement, catering for boys and girls aged 6 and 7 and work towards a number of badges as a group including Caring & Sharing, the Buddy Badge, the Environment and the Adventure Challenges.

The Promise Challenge comprises a number of elements including learning about Scouting and its history, considering a duty to God and what Joeys do best – Helping Other People (HOP!).

For his service element, Remi gave a violin recital to a group of elderly citizens, making an effort to learn songs that would be familiar to them.

After an entertaining concert, which turned into a group sing-a-long, he served them morning tea and handed out small Christmas gifts.

It is great to see seven year olds engaging in the community in such a meaningful way.

Congratulations Remi on a job well done!

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