D-Day for Macquarie Community College

By The Weekly Times Special Team of Investigative Reporters (TWT STIR TEAM)

Future of Macquarie Community College will be decided at the College Annual General Meeting this month which will determine whether the once iconic institution will swim or sink.

Key will be the election of a new Board of Directors who will either steer a new clear course to future prosperity or sink it in the fashion of MCC Concordia on the rocks of extinction.

There are a number of factors leading up to the AGM and election which could determine the final outcome including a scam reminiscent of the last AGM.

On that occasion the chairman Susan Murray hoodwinked the membership when she said she was standing down a year ahead of her two year term to allow the members to vote her back in or out following the disastrous previous years performances.

What she didn’t say however was that she was then going to use a majority share of proxy votes in her possession that guaranteed her return no matter what the meeting membership decided.

And that then determined that she then did not have to contest membership to the board at this month’s AGM unless she decided to again offer to stand down and let the membership vote once more.

But she won’t do that. For fear of losing?

Well she made that clear at the failed Extraordinary General Meeting she chaired recently to implement a new Constitution for the College which may have made it easier for her to stay on. Maybe for ever.

When asked by the TWT Editor after the failed EGM whether she would repeat her valiant offer of the previous AGM to allow the members to decide her fate she said a blunt and emphatic “NO”!

Because proxy votes will not be allowable at this month’s AGM.

But that’s not all. Apart from steak knives, there’s more.

Members have been told two dates for the AGM, firstly Tuesday May 26 but then changed to Thursday May 28. And members don’t know the time or the venue, where the meeting will be held.

And members are still uncertain as to how many new directors will be needed or places available for nomination because of the uncertainty of how many of the board have resigned in recent months because of their concerns of the management – or mismanagement – of the College.

We believe it could be as many as seven positions vacant with at least two or three resignations plus the four normal places for two year terms up for grabs.

Certainly Peter Perivolaris who was elected last year has resigned and Peter Garrard likewise plus Ted Bell was due to stand for election this year when he resigned last year. His place was temporarily filled by David Rickard who should stand this AGM if he wishes to remain a director.

Nominations closed last Wednesday but company secretary Ken Gordon still can’t tell us where or at what time the AGM will be held! Incredible.

Although we don’t know what swifty the current management might pull with the last board meeting before the AGM scheduled for last Friday but was changed to last night (Tuesday) so we await with anticipation the results of the minutes of that crucial meeting.

What rabbit can we expect the good chairman to pull from the hat in an attempt to once more rort the system?

We’ll try to keep you up to date and fully informed.

More next week from the MCC three ring circus.

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Chairman: Will she go?