Smallest Council punching above its weight again


HUNTERS HILL Council was last week successful in being crowned the winnersof a prestigious Management Excellence Award for its ‘Future Gladesville’ project.

Council staff, in conjunction with the consultancy Place Partners,

undertook the ÒFuture GladesvilleÓ project in 2016.

The main objective of the project was to provide a rigorous and data-driven foundation from which to identify potential changes to the Hunters Hill Consolidated DCP 2013.

This exemplary project delivered an amended DCP for the Centre that clearly articulates community values, illustrates to developers how this can be achieved and provides the framework for delivering a public focused centre.

* * *

THE HOLIDAYS, such as Easter, are about spending time with family, friends and loved ones, but for those in the military those special times are sometimes spent thousands of miles away from their families.

In all military campaigns, many celebrities and sports figures have taken the time to support our troops abroad.

It’s a chance for these celebrities to acknowledge, on our behalf, all the hard work and personal sacrifices of our defence forces.

This year at our Anzac Service, we will focus on the important role that entertainers have played in boosting the morale of defence force personnel and supporting our troops in various military deployments.

The 94th consecutive Anzac Eve Memorial Service will be held in the Hunters Hill Town Hall this Friday evening April 21 commencing at 7.30pm.

Council is delighted to have as its Guest Speaker renowned Australian entertainer Col Joye, who together with the Joy Boys and other Australian artists, went to Vietnam and entertained the troops at Nui Dat’s Luscombe Bowl on 18 August 1966.

Just a few hours later and a few kilometres away elements of the Australian Task Force found themselves fighting one of the fiercest battles of the Vietnam War at Long Tan.

What is often forgotten is that the entertainers were sometimes in harm’s way and amidst the conflict.

Those wishing to march are invited to wear medals or join the march at the RSL Sub-Branch hall at 7pm to step-out at 7.15pm for a short march to the Hunters Hill Town Hall.

Students from St Joseph’s College will reflect on what Anzac means to youth, whilst the Hunters Hill SES, local Scouts and members of the Armed Forces will all be a part of the remembrance in this very important annual event.

Following the service, a light supper will be served at the RSL Hall and all are invited to take part.

* * *

COUNCILS of northern Sydney have long understood the potential of collaboration for stronger environmental and economic results in waste management.

Through the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils

(NSROC), we have explored projects big and small to minimise waste and encourage recycling to reduce the volume of waste that is sent to landfill.

The NSROC Regional Waste Strategy identified problem wastes as a priority and work started in 2014 to tackle this waste stream co-operatively as a group of councils.

Last Wednesday, these joint efforts of five councils,

including Hunters Hill, culminated in the opening of the Northern Sydney Recycling Centre at Waltham Street Artarmon.

This centre can receive problem wastes, such as car batteries, paints, motor oils, electronics and other wastes that cannot be placed in domestic waste bins.

This facility exemplifies the best of co-operative regional service delivery and a genuine joint organisational approach.

Further information about the new Community Recycling Centre, including opening hours, is available on Council’s website or on the EPA website.