Special Members Meeting Tuesday

Macquarie Community College is holding a special members meeting this Tuesday January 19 at 6pm to discuss the future of the once iconic college now resembling Fawlty Towers.

Meeting is the result of a requisition for an Extraordinary General Meeting by members which was postponed but resulted in this Tuesday’s meeting and bringing forward the next Annual General Meeting now proposed for March 31.

Members will discuss the financial status of the College which is expected to record another disastrous year of losses exceeding a further $500,000 despite promises by the existing board and chairman Sue Murray of improvements.

The EGM requisitioners wanted to guarantee that the current board directors  Sue Murray, Mark Brandon, Jenny Green, Peter Glasheen and Garth Holloway not stand for re-election.

A quick look at the ACNC website register of board directors shows that Sue Murray and CEO Theresa Collignon have just stacked the board with two new appointments just before the AGM.

Clearly it is time for a cleanout and a new start to save the College from extinction. All members are urged to attend this Tuesday at the Carlingford College building, Marsden Road corner Rickard Street at 6pm.