Stop the Lib-Labor squabbling, says Ryde Conservatives candidate

CONSERVATIVES candidate for Ryde Steve Busch says candidates for the major parties are too busy playing the “blame game” and not tackling the real issue of inadequate infrastructure.

Mr Busch, a QANTAS pilot and Eastwood resident, said incumbent member Victor Dominello and his Labor challenger, Mayor Jerome Laxale, should be more focused on reversing the failure to build infrastructure to address traffic gridlock, to meet the community’s growing demand for services.

But instead they were “squabbling” in a “blame game” on over-development.

The reality, he said, was that the state Government had imposed on Ryde two Urban Activation Precincts (UAPs) and densification of Ivanhoe Estate on land sold-off in Macquarie Park and North Ryde.

“Other developments in Meadowbank and Eastwood have been approved by the State Government’s Department of Environment and Planning,” Mr Busch said.

“It’s ridiculous that Mr Dominello blames council for ‘over- development’, when all large developments are approved by his Government’s planning department.

“We also have Labor’s Mayor Laxale blaming the State Government approvals on applications supported by Council”.

The Australian Conservatives candidate also took aim at Mr Dominello, stating the State Government had reaped billions of dollars from Ryde from land sales, sales tax and massive contributions from Chinese developers, but had put nothing back into the city’s infrastructure.

“Mr Dominello has failed Ryde. He failed to get the underground bus terminal in Macquarie Park (despite promises), he failed to get light rail into Macquarie Park via Carlingford and Parramatta, and he even failed to address the urgent need for an overpass above Meadowbank Station.”

2019 NSW Election Conservatives candidate, Steve Busch

“Then there is his complete lack of vision to support road and foot-bridges over Parramatta River, or road tunnels under Lane Cove and Victoria Roads to relieve massive through-traffic congestion,” he said.

Mr Busch was also impressed with the huge interest shown in his party by Ryde voters.

He said he has eagerly engaged with the local community during the ‘pre-poll’ voting period and following his appearance at last week’s ‘Meet the Candidate’ event at Club Eastwood.

“Voters are giving us the thumbs up for our common-sense energy policy which calls for an end to silly emissions targets and subsidies for costly renewables at the expense of reliable and affordable electricity supply for ordinary consumers and businesses,” he said.

“They are appalled that our electricity prices are amongst the world’s most expensive, and that both Liberal and Labor seem hell-bent on destroying our coal and mining industry.

“People are fed up with the fiction peddled by both major parties on renewables when even the most ardent believers in much-disputed man-made climate change theory admit Australia has near zero impact on global emissions.”

Mr Busch was concerned the Coalition and Labor energy policies were “dumb and destructive” and welcomed his party’s stance on put the interests of ordinary NSW residents, jobs and industry ahead of the global emission and unreliable ‘renewable energy’ targets.

“We are against sacrificing our economy, major industries and jobs because of highly disputed claims within certain sectors of the scientific community and the United Nations that man is somehow creating ‘global warming’,” he said.

The Conservatives encourage production of affordable, reliable and efficient use of all resources from coal-fired power stations, to hydro, nuclear and renewables.

Mr Busch said voters were also congratulating the stance being taken against against ‘political correctness’ by Australia’s newest political party.

And while sensing there were Labor voters in the electorate prepared to switch their vote to support him, considerable support was coming from disaffected former Liberal voters who believed the party no longer represented them or their traditional values.

He said Labor’s record on Ryde also “isn’t any good” and its community desperately needs common-sense representation.