Tigers multi-options for 2018 Captain

Tigers fans are anxiously awaiting the decision on who will lead the new look Tigers to 2018 premiership honours this year.

From the ashes of the past few seasons the Tigers have a plethora of candidates for the top job with three standouts with captain experience.

They are longtime Tiger Chris Lawrence who has already shared the captaincy at the Tigers, new chum Josh Reynolds who had leadership
experience with the Hush Puppies and Kevin Naiqama who successfully
captained the Fijian World Cup Test side. And there are others knocking on the door for the leadership role including of course our very own Balmain junior Luke Brooks who promises to excel this year.

All can hardly wait for the first trial game Saturday fortnight September 17 up in north Bananaland at Cairns when quite a few of the likely lads can expect a run to show their wares followed the next Saturday with the Gummy Sharks at Cameltown. See ya there.