To The POINT with ADRIENNE RYAN: Hunters Hill Way of Cross Good Friday Walk

Actor Richard Korkor has become synonymous wiith the Good Friday walk from All Saints Anglican Church to the Holy Name of Mary Church where his deeply moving portrayal of The Passion has moved young and old alike to tears. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

COMBINED Churches of Hunters Hill and Gladesville are gearing up for the Good Friday Walk through Hunters Hill on March 30.

How quickly time passes and it is now again a mere nine days to the yearly Easter drama – the life and death of Jesus Christ, played out in all its horror and triumph.

The Good Friday Walk has brought Christians of all denominations together here, and others who might be interested are welcome. Local residents play the parts of Jesus and his companions, who recreate the agonising Walk.

Jesus (played by Conor Lucey) is forced to carry his cross to Calvary after being condemned to death as a trouble-maker.

Our Walk remembers the real meaning of Easter.

It is quite hard to see the connection between the death of three so called criminals (the two thieves and Jesus) by the Roman punishment of crucifixion – and the Easter Bunny and lots of chocolate eggs.

* * *

NEVERTHELESS Christianity was born out of this rather extraordinary event.

Jesus had been preaching to the Jewish people who followed him with great interest and fondness, until something caused them to view him as an imposter.

Pilate the Roman Governor most reluctantly sentenced Jesus to death at the behest of the Jews.

The Apostles were left frightened and shocked until Jesus rose out of the tomb three days after his Crucifixion.

Now, two thousand and eighteen years later, Jesus Christ has millions of followers throughout the Earth and is known as the Son of God, sent down from Heaven – to live a blameless life – and to die suffering as a holy sacrifice to save the World and its people from our sins.

Come on the Walk to meditate, and enjoy the Easter message.

* * *

THE WALK commences from the grounds of All Saints Church in Ferry Street Hunters Hill, just after the 9am service (at a little after 10am).

A bus leaving from All Saints, which can be joined at any stop for anyone needing a bit of help to complete the Walk, will afterwards return people to their cars at All Saints.

The stops are made at the Hunters Hill Club Car Park; the Congregational Church; across the Overpass where we hope to have the guidance of the local Police Force; the St. Joseph’s Home in Gladesville Road and lastly down Rocher Avenue and up into the grounds of Villa Maria Catholic Church, the scene of the Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus.

Prayers will be read, and hymns sung at each stop.

Tea, coffee, and cross buns will be served on the Terrace at the rear of Villa Maria Church after the Stations are completed and the bus will make its return journey for those who need a lift.

We usually have a crowd of about 800, depending on the weather.

You can contact myself on 98175884; 98175892 or 0408 07 0408 fir further information.

– ADRIENNE RYAN is a long time co-ordinator for the Way of Cross Walk.