Striving on the field to the best of my ability

TO RECEIVE an Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year Award is an honour which I am very grateful for.

The selection criteria for the Award focuses naturally on sporting success but also extends to making a positive contribution, previous recognition, community service and local sporting memberships.

My biggest success so far has been with soccer, both indoor (FUTSAL) and outdoor.

To date I have been selected in five Australian teams (U/14, U/15, U/16 and U/21 twice) for FUTSAL (indoor soccer) and have toured the United Kingdom and Italy.

Representing NSW at eight Australian FUTSAL Championships and winning the Australian Championship with the NSW U/21 Youth team in January 2017 has been a lot of fun and has provided the opportunity to play in tournaments throughout Australia and make a lot of friends.

This year I’ve also been selected to play in the NSW Premier League 1 representative competition for North West Sydney Koalas which I’m very excited about.

Each time I play in these rep teams, there is the opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new ones and then be coached and play at a very high standard.  These international and state competitions are the times when I am stretched and have to be at my best.

 * * *

IN ADDITION to soccer, I have been fortunate to achieve success in a variety of team and individual sports which include: field hockey, touch football, Oz Tag, cross country and athletics. 

My favourite moments are winning as part of a team.

Being recognised for these achievements only makes me more appreciative of these opportunities and motivates me to use my talents to fulfil my potential through expert coaching and continued selection in representative teams.

In addition to my sporting achievements I am actively involved in community service as a Netball Umpire for Eastwood Ryde Netball Association (ERNA), Assistant Coach for Hunters Hill All Saints Soccer and coach for Villa Maria Netball.

When asked what motivates me, it is the belief that we all have different talents, and it is our responsibility to make use of these talents and opportunities we are given.

For me it’s about striving to the best of my ability, to make the most of every chance we have, not to let people that think they are better than you set you back and making the most of now!

My training program is pretty demanding with a combination of morning and afternoon training during the week and games on the weekend.

Most of the training is related to soccer skills, teamwork and game play combined with core strength and sprint work along with healthy eating and stretching.

* * *

AFTER RECEIVING the Australia Day award I have been contacted by other newspapers and have been nominated for other sporting awards.

I am very happy and proud of this success and will continue striving to do my best.

I am extremely thankful to everyone who’s helped me reach these achievements, including receiving the Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year Award.

Special mention should go to my family, coaches, team mates, Marist Sisters College Woolwich, Hunters Hill Council and specifically the financial support from the Ryde Sports Foundation and Club Six and ongoing sponsorship from Allan Rickerby and the team at

This is important to me because I love doing well, being recognised for the hard work and dedication I put into my sporting activities and I really appreciate everything that has been done in order for me to get to where I am.

 In regards to my goals, in the short term I’m training for cross country and working towards a successful 2018 with the Koalas soccer team by improving and building so that I can be the best version of myself on and off the field.

I would love to have a career in sport.

I think that if I could, I would continue to play soccer, representing my state or country, knowing that hard work and hours of practice will allow me to compete at the highest level.

ALANNA FISHER is the 2018 Hunters Hill Council Australia Day Sportsperson of the Year and a Grand Finalist in the 2017-18 TWT Club Six/Ryde Sports Foundation Sports Star of the Year.