To The POINT with BEN JONES: Creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement

RECEIVING HUNTERS Hill Council Young Citizen of the Year for 2018 was very humbling.

It is great to see the Council acknowledging and supporting the youth in their community.

This award not only recognises my work throughout the last year but also the work of the teachers of Hunters Hill High School and the way they organise and support their students in everything they do.

With this support, students like myself have opportunities to not only better themselves, but also help those around them.

* * *

HUNTERS HILL High School offers programs such as Beyond the Bell, an after school program where teachers help students with school work and Games and Grub, which helps students form friendships.

These are two poignant examples of how the school community works together to make sure no student is left behind.

Together teachers and students create an atmosphere of support and encouragement, which I am proud to be a part of.

It is this supportive and inclusive environment that, I believe, sets Hunters Hill High School apart from other schools.

This environment has enabled me to learn, grow and contribute to my school, showcasing to the wider community all that a comprehensive, co-educational public school such as Hunters Hill High has to offer.

* * *

AS SCHOOL captain I plan to become further involved in the school community during 2018.

I believe that students can perform at their best when they are happy, comfortable and feel accepted by their teachers and peers.

I want to help build on the positive environment that we have created at Hunters Hill High, to give every student the best chance of achieving their goals.

I am aiming to attend university next year to further my understanding of the world, by undertaking a degree in International Studies and Communications.

I hope this will create a pathway into employment in a Non-Government Organisation or News Agency that reports on the issues that most affect the world around us.

I am interested in working overseas, to gain a greater understanding of the international community and where Australia sits on the global stage.

* * *

I AM very grateful for this award.

I see it as an acknowledgment of my previous contributions to my school community and as an opportunity over the next year to become more involved in local events and issues and to make a contributions to the wider Hunters Hill community.


BEN JONES is Hunters Hill High’s 2018 School Captain