Improve your confidence and speaking skills with Toastmasters

THIS YEAR Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters Club is celebrating 20 years of service to the community helping thousands of people achieve communication and leadership skills.

Toastmasters has always offered a friendly and supportive environment to its members.

Our members are encouraged to present both impromptu and prepared speeches.

All speeches are evaluated through positive feedback and constructive criticism to help speakers improve for their next presentation.

* * *

YOURS TRULY has been a member of Toastmasters since 1993.

I joined because of a severe stutter I had, and needed to gain confidence.

Toastmasters helped me gain that confidence.

I was making and taking a lot of phone calls in my job. Toastmasters was pivitol in helping me get the job done and more importantly, I was not afraid of being judged by the customers who I was serving.

I have made life long friends from Toastmasters.

Not to mention meeting my wife Lyndal at Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters.

* * *

TOASTMASTERS OFFERS people many different speaking opportunities.

The on line program allows members to specialise in what they would like to work on.

This can help with career opportunities, and members can practice for work presentations and leadership skills for career or any other aspect of their lives.

Toastmasters offers leadership opportunities.

Members can progress to club executive roles.

There are leadership roles that are outside the club such as Area Director.

Taking on these roles contributes to club success and are very rewarding.

* * *

TOASTMASTERS HOLDS two rounds of speech contests every year.

Speech contests are an opportunity for speakers to further develop their speaking skills that they have learned from the Toastmaster program.

The International Speech Contest is the most prestigious, with a World Championship being held every year.

On Saturday May 26, Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters Club will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary dinner to be held at the Hunters Hill Club at 12-20 Madeline Street Hunters Hill at 6.30pm.

We are looking for past members who would be interested in attending this event.

For more information and payment advice see:

Please contact Daniel Tucker DTM on [email protected] for details.


DANIEL TUCKER is secretary of Happy Hunters Hill Toastmasters Club