Top standard of Taekwando


Young Taekwondo World star Zane Deguara is pictured with Joung Jin Shin and Incheol Yoo.


A local Taekwondo School is offering original Taekwondo lessons under the auspices of an 8th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo Master.

Master Incheol Yoo is an 8th Dan Black Belt – the highest ranking Black Belt in Australia – and his award winning Taekwondo World has the largest, highest quality full-time facilities of all Taekwondo dojangs (schools) in Australia.

“We offere a variety of specified classes enabling children from three years old to adults to train in belt and age specific classes,” the team at Taekwondo World said.

“All of our head instructors major in Taekwondo at top standard Korean universities, and provide dedicated and focussed teaching.

“As well as this, our class programs are specialised for the Taekwondo World club, enabling the students to achieve their maximum potential through hard training.”

Taekwondo World also has a ‘Black Belt Club’ for all black belt students, fulfilling their need to continually improve beyond the black belt level.

It now offers extracurricular programs for members and associates, involving fitness, music, character development, and motivational training.

“Taekwondo World is a club that extends far beyond training, we are a family and we hold regular club competitions and events that build confidence through participation,” the team said.

“We are nationally and internationally affiliated with heigh level Korean Taekwondo associations such as the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) and our black belt students are certified for your lifetime by the World Taekwondo Federation, and a permanent record of this achievement is kept with Kukkiwon.”

The team is especially proud of its world class instructors.

“Our instructors have been educated directly from Korea’s Yongin Sports University and Taekwondo World teaches both new and old techniques from South Korea,” the team said.

“As well as original Taekwondo, we have classes that teach General Fitness, Self Defence, Martial Arts and Olympic Sport Taekwondo.

“Whatever your needs we have a class that is right for you.”

All new students will go through an introductory course which involves one-on-one personal attention.

Master Yoo has 46 years experience as a master instructor in Taekwondo as well as 32 years experience as a National and World Taekwondo Federation International Referee.

He was born in Seoul, Korea and studied at Yongin University, Seoul, Korea where he obtained a Masters Degree & Diploma in Physical Education majoring in Taekwondo is also currently studying for his PHD in Physical Education.

“Master Yoo was given the prestigous honorary role of co-ordinating the broadcasting of the Taekwondo event for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games (SOBO), as well as being the head coach of the Australian team in the Kyonggi International Taekwondo Championship,” the team said.

He is also Chairman of the Sports Taekwondo Australia (NSW) and Vice-President of the Korean Taekwondo Association of Australia.