Turnbull to blame for power bills

Dear Sir,
Just received my electricity bill and on checking it with the same period last year found the increase was $192 and I had used less power.

I put the blame on PM Turnbull for signing the Paris climate change agreement and therefore committing Australian households and businesses to what I believe an unnecessary financial burden.

Before Mr Turnbull signed this agreement he must have known a number of related things.

For a start climate commentators here and overseas believe there has been no global warming for over 20 years.

He would also know that Australian CO2 emissions are so low that they make no difference to global warming.

He would have known that the US was pulling out of the agreement (and now Germany) and China and India have been given leave passes on any commitment.

So why on earth would Turnbull sign up Australia?

He must have also known that it is highly doubtful the Paris agreement was ever going to be the answer to global warming.

The reductions in CO2 emissions-according to the UN-required to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees could not be achieved or go anywhere near it, even if every country did what they promised to do under the Paris accord.

Mr Turnbull would have also known that climate change money would be involved.

He has already pledged $1 billion as a start.

As well Australian taxpayers will be forking out subsidies to wind and solar farm owners to the tune of $45 billion by 2030.

What a sorry state we are in.

Both Liberal and Labor politicians are infected by ideologies that rob them of intelligence and common sense. I’ve had enough of them.

East Ryde