TWT Since 1921

WELCOME to The Weekly Times Online

The Weekly Times celebrated its 79th Birthday by going online worldwide and welcomed a whole new army of readers.

Now in our 98th year we hope that you will become part of our growing family of TWT addicts who look forward to meeting us each week with all the latest news, comments and fun from our part of the world.

The Weekly Times was established by Charles H Engisch in the Sydney suburb of Gladesville in 1921. On May 1, 1979 I became just the second owner of this important local newspaper.

Charles H Engisch was most supportive when I launched the Ombudsman campaign in Australia in 1964 after serving in Local Government, and like the Remington man, I liked the product so much that I bought not only one issue of the paper but the whole company!

Since then we have continued to prosper, grow and expand, and maintain our independence and withstand the onslaughts from the “Big Boys” like Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited International and the Fairfax conglomerate.

But we have not forgotten our roots and our objective to serve the community. With ink running through my bloodlines it’s difficult to become electrified! However, now with the wonder of modern electronics TWT – The Weekly Times becomes TWT – The Worldwideweb Times!

 We look forward to your company online every week in the days ahead.
And – Keep Smiling!


Managing Editor and Proprietor