TWT supports State Govt buyback of Peter Board High School site


The Weekly Times endorses the NSW State Government’s decision to buyback the old Peter Board High School site on Epping Road which was controversially closed and sold off by the former Labor government 20 years ago.
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The Weekly Times has lobbied for this for many years and congratulates local Ryde MP Victor Dominello and the current Education minister Rob Stokes on their action.
Victor Dominello said “This is brilliant news for our community.

“The old Peter Board High School was closed by the Labor government in 1998, and with the Premier (Gladys Berejiklian) being one of its former students, I know she is dedicated to see a school returned on the site to serve the local community”.
Peter Board High was opened as North Ryde High School but renamed to honour a former Director of Education by then Minister for Education and Gladesville MP Rodney Cavalier.


Buyback purchase of the Peter Board High School site by the State Government has further ramifications for the community especially among the sporting fraternity.

Ryde-Hunters Hill Hockey’s Keith Thompson Hockey Centre is located facing Waterloo Road on part of the old Peter Board High School land with leases from the State Government and Education Department.

Future of the Hockey Centre was threatened by the former Labor Government when John Watkins failed to renew the lease and the incoming Liberal coalition government reneged on pre-election promises to extend the lease.
A bitter dispute followed when The Weekly Times threatened to expose the local Members as liars which eventually resulted in the Government repenting and giving new leases.
The next move is to provide land on the proposed buyback site for a second hockey field.
(The Weekly Times editor acknowledges that he is the longtime Patron of Ryde-Hunters Hill Hockey Club and Life Member).