Upgraded Police Stations wanted

Dear Sir,
For 2018 would you please assist the Ryde Local Area Command to have buildings and infrastructure appropriate for the 21st century, and especially the vastly increased Eastwood, Epping, Macquarie Park demographic, including multicultural factors.

The current Eastwood Police Station looks very shabby indeed, with poorly utilised front verandah space, and very crowded, old fashioned interior. In particular there seems very inadequate space for private and confidential interviews and very sparse space for members of the public to wait.

Matters discussed “at the counter” can often be heard from the adjacent foyer….. indeed police phone calls can be fairly easily heard while waiting at the front counter on other matters. This can often be distressing for those already seeking police protection. A conversation with a police officer at Eastwood Police Station this weekend indicated that the police at Eastwood station found it difficult to work in such antiquated conditions and certainly the computers and communication seemed inadequate.

Apparently police requests for modern facilities at Eastwood have been delayed because of a Heritage Order, which surely can be resolved by retaining part of the building. Parking is also difficult, and there seems very little accessibility for community members with disability. Certainly signage in the predominant community languages of Chinese and Korean would assist and a less frightening atmosphere for children and the elderly who need to attend or need to accompany others.

I am not even sure if there are toilet/handbasin facilities for the general public and if they exist they are probably not wheel-chair compatible. The tiles and anti-slip edges of the front stairs and verandah probably do not meet current Work, Health and Safety/OHS guidelines and the signage is rather faded and obscure.

Solar protection for the front and more confidence-inspiring “Blue & White” police icons (not the Mission Brown colour of the 1970s) would contribute much to community confidence and co-operation. Also, the facilities at Gladesville Police Station seem very out-dated … and Ryde Court? Little wonder the Police seem so stressed, and slow to co-ordinate information. Apparently there is also a shortage of Police vans suitable for securing arrests, only four for the Ryde Area Command which extends from Dural to Gladesville.

Arrests are apparently delayed because of inadequate police vehicles! The courage, challenges and professionalism of the Police deserve so much better than this, as does the community. An integrated Eastwood, Ryde, and Gladesville facility, as apparently requested by many police, would assist integrated, modern policing and protect the mental health of the police.

Indeed why not have special facilities within the new Police Centre for treatment of those with acute mental health/drug & alcohol and/or infectious disease crisis. The current Eastwood Police Station is basically single storey in an Epping/Eastwood precinct of many newly-built multi-storey apartments.

Surely Eastwood Police could have the resources to also have multiple storeys as it is very close to the railway station and new Eastwood “CBD”. The wonderful Police service deserves adequate resources and working nvironment/“ecosystem” and the Ryde Local Area Command/LAC community! Please arrange and encourage this as a 2018 priority.

Eastwood resident, registered nurse