THURSDAY November 2 was an auspicious day for Leisure Lea Gardens Retirement Village at 201-207 Epping Road Marsfield.

Just hours after the Open Day to unveil the village’s three new apartments, Head Gardener Joel Perez was presented with the award for Best Commercial Garden in the City of Ryde’s annual Spring Garden Competition.

It is the third time the village has won the prestigious award, having previously claimed it in 2014, 2015 and now 2017.

The new apartments have been named Gem and Elli (after the Italian word ÒGemelliÓ meaning twins) and Sorella (sister).

They are located in a private setting at the north end of the village, adjacent to a Catholic Church, and are beautifully appointed with many modern features.

To celebrate the village’s smart new addition, a ribbon-cutting was held and the Resident Ambassadors and sales team hosted a barbecue for interested clients.

The apartments will be open for viewing at the village’s Christmas Market next Wednesday December 6. All are welcome.

Head Gardener Joel Perez with the garden award.

The brand new Sorella apartment at Leisure Lea Gardens.

John Williams, Deputy Chair, cuts the ribbon to officially open the new apartments.