Village idiots trash pre-school banner


Riverside pre-school Director Lynda Sillick is furious her school’s banner has been trashed. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

A small non-profit pre-school in Henley is furious its bridge banner has been trashed.

Riverside Preschool educates dozens of children aged between three to five years of age and had relied on the banner to attract enrolments and income.

The pre-school was recently trashed by burglars and the destruction of the sign has up School Director Lynda Sillick and parents alike.

“We are funded by the NSW Government and over recent years they have changed the funding criteria,” Ms Sillick said.

“Children in the year before school and children from a low income or Aboriginal background are only funded.

“Traditionally we have offered a two year program but due to the changes all the three year old children are no longer funded.

“To try and meet the government’s goal of increasing preschool positions for children in the year before school and to help the preschool maintain our full enrolments we undertook a marketing plan that included a brand new preschool banner on some of the local bridges.”

The pre-school sought and won approval from Roads and Maritime Services to fly the banner on the Linley Point Bridge only to find it pulled down and replaced by North Sydney by-election advertising.

“We had the banner designed, made and professional installed at the designated time.

“However during this period our banner had some of its ties cut and

with our banner left to flap in the wind it became badly damaged.

“There is no conceivable reason why anyone else would have removed our banner or cut the ties.”

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Gladesville Police on 9879 9699