A perfect storm of bias, prejudice and deception recently delivered what amounts to a miscarriage of justice in the NSW District Court “blackmail” trial of Ivan Petch.

Various articles in the mainstream press have provided limited coverage of this court case and the jury’s guilty verdict.

The Weekly Times attended the entire court case and in light of the reports in the public domain we believe amount to incomplete coverage of crucial public interest issues, we intend to publish a ‘Web Special’ which will provide a more complete account of events.

This will include details of the activities of some of the main players in the controversial ‘Civic Centre’ affair and their actions in bringing about this latest court case.

We’ll leave it to The Weekly Times’ readers to decide whether their actions were in the interests of the ratepayers of Ryde or if they were part of an ongoing vendetta which began in late 2012 and included a farcical ICAC inquiry.

We apologise to readers that had expected to see this coverage earlier.

Due to limited resources as an independent community newspaper and the need to investigate several matters that emerged during the trial, we have taken the extra time to ensure what will ultimately be a detailed appraisal of important events relating to Mr Petch’s trial.

We again thank our loyal readers for their patience.

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