Who is the real saviour of Ryde Ex-Services Club?

Dear Sir,
I write to you to thank Billbergia Pty Ltd for saving Ryde Ex–Services Memorial & Community Club, when under administration back in 2015 – 2016 –  and now.

It seems the present board for one reason or another does not want to acknowledge the saving of the club.

Back on May 11, 2016, the club entered into a loan agreement organised by Billbergia Pty Ltd with Australian Securities Limited (ASL).

Billbergia Pty Ltd had provided a limited guarantee of up to $6 million dollars. And had partly pre-paid the interest and costs for the term of the loan on behalf of the club, in the amount of $308,700.00.

The loan term was to October 15, 2017 under the directorship at the time of Mr Greg Russell (Administrator).

Recently (in 2017) Ryde Ex-Services Memorial & Community Club asked Billbergia Pty Ltd for an extension of time with the loan, which they granted.

I would like to point out that Billbergia Pty Ltd did not approach the club to help out, but I alone approached Billbergia Pty Ltd when we were fighting to save Ryde Ex-Services Memorial & Community Club.

Then again in December 2017 when the original sale for the Basketball courts fell through: Who was there to help the club again? Billbergia Pty Ltd – and they purchased the Basketball Courts for $4.7m, so that the club can pay some of its debts.

Billbergia Pty Ltd saw the need for the community to have its own home at Ryde X.

All I want is that Ryde Ex-Services Memorial & Community Club board recognises the company for saving the club and its members.