Why you should make a will

A comment that solicitors hear often is “why should I make a will?”

This comment normally follows after a person has had an experience or has heard of someone contesting a will.

Another comment solicitor’s hear often is that “my estate isn’t worth very much”.

Everybody should make a will regardless of whether they think they do not own many assets or do not have much in their bank account. If a person dies without a will they die intestate.

If a person dies intestate then the estate will be dealt with under the rules of intestacy.

This could mean that the assets and possessions that make up your estate will not go to whom you would want it to go to, as the Succession Act sets out a list of people who are entitled to your estate and in what order they are entitled.

This list starts with the person’s spouse being entitled to the estate and finishes with the State Government.

The laws do not take into account what the deceased would have wanted.

Even if you do have a will and it is contested the Supreme Court will look at many different factors including the future needs of the person contesting the will, before deciding to change the will.

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