Women’s Wellness and Tai Chi classes focus on relaxation


IF YOU are interested in improving your posture and your balance Tai Chi may be for you.

Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services runs a weekly Older Women’s Wellness Program, which incorporates gentle Tai Chi classes for women only.

The classes are designed to focus on relaxation and gentle Tai Chi movements to improve balance, muscle strength and joint flexibility.

The Wellness Program is based on a holistic view of health, which takes into consideration older women’s physical, social and emotional needs.

The weekly Tai Chi exercise class is followed by a an optional morning tea where women support one another in an informal, friendly and compassionate environment.

Term day trips are always a highlight.

* * *

FIONA MAIYIN Thockloth is a passionate and dedicated teacher of Tai Chi, holistic healing, and meditation and is actively involved in the community.

Following in her grandfather’s, well-respected Tai Chi master footsteps, she continues to teach others and share her vast knowledge.

Fiona enjoys her role in Women’s’ Wellness.

She is able to share her skills in Tai Chi to help improve and maintain women’s health and wellbeing.

In her 18 years of running different health programs and teaching all ages, she always selects the movements that best benefit the women in each group.

In this way, everyone can participate and feel the benefits of Tai Chi all the while enjoying the company and friendship.

* * *

CLASSES ARE open to all older women who are interested in improving their health and wellbeing in a pleasant company.

The women can attend as many classes as they want and we have instituted a pay as you go system.

What the participants say about the classes:

“I’ve never done anything like Tai Chi before and was a little unsure what to expect, however a small group and friendly atmosphere made me feel very comfortable” says Miriam of Hunters Hill.

“Any exercise that focused on tranquillity and balance had to be good, particularly if it reduced the risk of falls and improved posture like our Tai Chi,” says Ursula of Hunters Hill.

Fiona runs Tai Chi classes every Tuesday from 10am to 11am during the school term at Hunters Hill Community Centre, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill.

Contact Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services on 9817-0101 for further information.

Novices and beginners are welcome.

BRANKA IVKOVIC is Social Support Team Leader at Hunters Hill Ryde Community Services.