Woolwich fun on a bicycle built for three

Woolwich seniors Miriam (Betty) Comerford and her daughter Virginia Comerford enjoyed the thrill of a lifetime last week as they zoomed through Woolwich on a bicycle built for three driven by Anja Stride.

The Woolwich trio enjoyed the ride courtesy of the Woolwich Lifestyle Community service, the Zendesk software company and the Danish non-for-profit agency Cycling Without Age.

Zendesk partners Cycling Without Age a movement aiming to improve the lives and mobility of the elderly by taking them out for a bike ride.

“Cycling Without Age takes elderly people out for a bicycle ride through the city, to the water and the countryside,” the CWA team said.

“They break them free from social isolation, smile and share memories.

“It lets them feel part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself.

“Cycling Without Age is about creating relationships between people of all generations.”

Zendesk said it is proud to be a partner in the Woolwich initiative.

“Zendesk gifted the trishaw to IRT Woolwich Lifestyle Community to bike seniors anywhere in the city on the donated trishaw bikes,” the partnership team said.

“Zendesk’s partnership with Cycling Without Age is replicated in other cities around the world in which both Zendesk and CWA are present, including Zendesk’s headquarters in San Francisco.

“Our local Woolwich partnership is part of the Australian arm of Zendesk’s Neighbor Foundation, committing more than $100,000 in financial support to community organisations and 1,000 hours of employee volunteer service for local charities each year.”

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